At 1823 Ventures, we are a team comprising professionals with entrepreneurial, finance, operating and investment experience focused on mentoring and incubating up and coming startups in South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Korea, as well as venture capital fundraising and investment.

We are headquartered in Singapore, the Silicon Valley of the East, and we are often travelling around the region including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Korea in our mission to improve lives through innovation and technology.

Our objective is to identify and grow high-potential startups that have innovative products and services that can fill a gap or fulfill a need that existing solutions in the market are unable to do today.






If you have a good idea, in a team or by yourself, we want to meet you.
We can quickly give you our views on whether it’s a go or no-go, and can offer mentoring and networking opportunities, in addition to providing advice and access to capital to execute your go-to-market strategy, scaling up and expansion into new markets.
Being part of the supportive 1823 community will open many doors to entrepreneurs, who can meet partners, investors or clients through the strong network that we have created.
If you are a budding entrepreneur who requires much-needed mentorship/advice, looking to join the 1823 community or access to capital, feel free to email us at or leave your details in the contact us form


One can never have too many friends. We are always building our network and are looking out for:
  • Companies who are already producing great products and services who are willing to share invaluable industry and market insights and other resources that can add value to help our entrepreneurs to succeed. We would also like to work with you if you are planning to hold your own hackathons, innovation days, corporate venture fund or investments.
  • Individuals from a range of backgrounds who are able to share their first-hand knowledge, practical experience and lessons with our budding entrepreneurs during our regular mentoring sessions and networking events.
  • Educational institutions and student societies (secondary, tertiary or university level) who run entrepreneurship programmes or internal start-up incubators.
Our long-term goal is not just to build relationships between partners & start-ups but also a thriving ecosystem that connects on a deeper grassroots level where start-ups have ready access to the right kind of help and advice when needed.
Feel free to contact us at or leave your details in the contact us form.


Your everyday guide to the law and Singapore’s first legal chatbot.
Practical robots for everyday use.
On-demand door-to-door and international parcel delivery service.


World’s first fully autonomous drone operation platform.
Leader in personalized programmatic creative technology for individualized dynamic video ads and display.
Crowdfunding platform – EUR 30mn funded, 72k investors from 178 countries.


Calling out potential investors who would like to gain exposure to the start-up space. We are seeing an ever-increasing number of high-potential start-ups that require funding to execute their go-to-market strategy or simply to scale up and expand into new markets.
We work with new and seasoned investors with knowledge of angel investing, private equity, seed, series A/B/C, bridge financing and other hybrid structures.
Feel free to contact us at or leave your details in the contact us form.